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Start the 2021 porgat campaign

This Monday, June 28, the 2021 campaign of the grain cleaning service of local and organic varieties began. This campaign is the third of the pilot project "Innovation for the development of new management processes and new grain cleaning practices of local and organic varieties" that we are developing the Association of Local Varieties and Camp Mallorquí Fruits at the Sineu facilities.

It is the only center for cleaning organic grain and local varieties in the Balearic Islands and has been created as a result of the sector's need to obtain clean grain for the production of flour and/or to have clean and selected seed for she remembers

This fact is due, among others, to the following factors: mini-farming and the use of the same grain sowing and harvesting machinery for different farms, which causes the mixing of different species to the detriment of conservation of the varieties in their purity.

Grain cleaning is not only important for what can be achieved as a final product, but it is a key process for the preservation and improvement of quality seed and grain. Thus, it is an important tool to preserve cultivated biodiversity, to promote the autonomy of farmers and, therefore, food sovereignty.

If you have legumes and/or cereals that need to be cleaned, you can contact us and we will explain how the grain cleaning service works.

More info: saporgadora@gmail.com / 693066858

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July 2, 2021