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ADV Local Varieties

The Plant Defense Group "Local Varieties"

In 2023 we launched the ADV Varietats Locals, which has one person as a pest and disease advice technician and 14 partners with a total of more than 200 ha, of which more than 90% are ecological

 The purpose of our ADV is to offer advice to protect the crops of our multiplier partners of organic seed and local varieties in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and to collaborate with the Administration to fight collaboratively lective against harmful plant agents.
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The ADV Varietats Locals focuses on horticultural crops, legumes and cereals. In addition, some trials and surveys of quarantine pests are also carried out on the farms of the partners of this ADV.

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For more information

You can send an email to adv@varietatslocals.org, or a message or call at 623250278