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Distinctive Local Variety

The reason for the badge

Reasons for the differentiation of local varieties in the market

Today we can find some of the local varieties that farmers sow in the market without differentiation. On the other hand, we can also find hybrid varieties with the local variety name. As is the case with the ramellet tomato. For this reason, a pilot project has been carried out to study the proposal to create a badge that differentiates the local varieties in the market.

The previous part of our pilot project was done by our colleague and partner Maria Massanet Neubaur in her final project of the University Master's in Agricultural Engineering of the University of the Balearic Islands, with whom we collaborated. You can consult it here.

The aim of this research was to learn about and analyze different cases of similar quality marks that have been carried out in the Balearic Islands and other territories, to study the need for the creation of a distinctive mark by the agricultural sector and to know the different options for creating 'this. The study concludes that the Balearic agricultural sector sees the need for the creation of a quality mark or hallmark for local varieties.

This could be of a collective or guarantee type, and should protect all agri-food products, from plant material to secondary processing products.

In addition, one of the requirements to be a user of the brand should be the production of the local variety following minimum criteria for its traditional cultivation.

If you want to know more information about the badge proposal:

distinctive presentation local variety

Nicolau Planters and Ornamentals, Agromart i Organic Farmers of Mallorca S. Coop together with the Association of Local Varieties we were the promoters, promoters and cooperative team to promote the project. A conference was held to conclude the project. You can see the images here.

Another part of the project is to find out about other experiences of distinctive local varieties in order to analyze their trajectory and see if they are applicable in our case. In April he was invited to the ProSpecieRara Foundation for them to tell us about their badge and their experience. Here you can watch the recording of the talk. We have also interviewed those responsible for the badges of: Flavors of Ibiza, traditional variety; 100% native breed and 100% local variety.

In August 2023 we visited different landmarks of Menorca. The visit consisted of getting to know the brand first hand Menorca, biosphere reserve; Agrarian Custody; the web platform Agroxerxa. As well as visiting the estates of Santo Domingo in Sant Lluís, Santa Cecília in Ferreries and the restaurant "El Romero" in Maó. These three have the badge of Menorca, biosphere reserve, Agrarian Conservation and are on the Agroxerxa platform.

In addition, work has also been done along with Social Tandem, strategic consulting cooperative that helped us plan and design the strategy to follow to create the badge.

meetings pilot project distinctive local varieties
meetings pilot project distinctive local varieties 1
meetings pilot project distinctive local varieties 2
meetings distinctive pilot project local varieties 3

During the Local Variety label project, the local varieties of ramellet tomato, red pepper and borratxona cabbage have been made known. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about the badge you can write to us at info@varietatslocals.org

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food