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We develop projects for the recovery of local varieties and for the promotion of production and the conservation of cultivated biodiversity.

adv local varieties

ADV Local Varieties

We offer advice to protect the crops of our multiplying partners of organic seeds and local varieties in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

sweet oaks project

Sweet oaks

The preservation of the sweet acorn oaks is another milestone in the recovery of Mallorca's cultivated biodiversity.

distinctive local varieties

Distinctive Local Variety

This project is a pilot that wants to study the economic viability and sustainability of creating a badge to differentiate local varieties.

training local varieties


Every year we carry out different events and activities in order to announce the local varieties, their situation and the work done.

project the seeds at school

The seeds at school

In recent years we have edited and created different educational and fun materials in order to bring the local varieties closer together.

seed multiplication process

Multiplication of seeds

The aim of the seed multiplication project is to raise awareness of local varieties and encourage their consumption.

recipe local seeds

Recipe book

Cooks and chefs from Mallorca show us how to prepare an original recipe with vegetables and legumes of local varieties.

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These are the research projects that we carry out based on the needs of local varieties, farming as well as lines of funding for research.

his wife

Sa Porgadora

The sieving service consists of the cleaning of grain (cereals and legumes) of local varieties, foreign varieties, conventionally and organically.

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