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Purchase manual

Purchase procedures

To place an order, you must follow the online purchase procedure and go through all the procedures established to complete the electronic procurement.

1st You must select the product or service you wish to purchase or contract and add it to the "shopping basket".

2nd Select the "shopping cart" to check that the products or services you want to hire have been selected correctly.

3rd You must enter your personal data, so if you are a registered user, you only need to include your identification and password, otherwise, you will have to register and provide the necessary data so that L'Associació de Varietats Locals can process the order.

4th Select the shipping method.

5th Select the payment method and depending on the selected method, provide the necessary data to correctly make the corresponding payment.

6th The customer will receive on screen and by e-mail, to the address indicated in the registration section, a proof of receipt with a summary of the purchase made, so that the customer can file said proof of receipt.


Payment method

Payment will be made through the means selected during the online purchase process. The Association of Local Varieties currently offers the following payment methods to the customer:

– Debit or credit card:
 this payment is subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing bank, which if it does not authorize the payment, the Association of Local Varieties will not be responsible for any delay or lack of delivery and will not be able to formalize any contract with the user.
Once the AVL receives the purchase order from the user through the web, a pre-authorization will be made on the card to ensure that there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction. The charge to the card will be made at the time the confirmation of shipment or service is sent to the user.

– Paypal: the charge will be made at the time the AVL sends the confirmation of the order.

- Bank transfer: through this payment method, a transfer must be made to the account number shown at the end of the purchase process. The exact amount of the order must be entered correctly, as well as the account number and the transfer reference.
The preparation and dispatch of the order takes place once the proof of payment has been received. Orders will be held for 10 calendar days from order confirmation, to allow enough time for the bank transfer to be received by AVL's payment system. If after 10 days payment has not been received or in the event of an error in the data, we will have to cancel the order.

-In cash: if the order is made without shipping, it can be picked up at the AVL office (C/ d'en Sala, 13. Porreres), with the possibility of paying in cash.


Delivery or making available

The contracted products or services will be sent or made available to the contracting party to the shipping address indicated during the contracting process. The delivery or availability period indicated during the contracting process is indicative, so that if the contractor wants to obtain the contracted product or service in a shorter period than indicated, he can request it directly from the Association of Local Varieties by sending an email to the following address info@varietatslocals.org, so that your request can be studied.

Currently the delivery or availability deadlines established by the Association of Local Varieties are as follows:

Orders can be picked up in person at our office (C/ d'en Sala, 13. Porreres), prior notice by phone (693 066 858 / 722 782 536) or email (orders@varietatslocals.org), to ensure that we are there and that the package is ready.

Orders are sent by certified mail to the following territories: Spain (Balearic Islands, Peninsula, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and Europe. For orders beyond the European territory, contact us directly (orders@varietatslocals.org).

We usually prepare the orders every Tuesday, making the shipment from Tuesday to Friday. Orders usually take 1-6 business days to arrive. Likewise, the maximum delivery period is 30 calendar days from confirmation. In any case where we cannot meet the delivery date or there are problems with the shipment, we will contact you directly. Correus makes two home delivery attempts. If the order is returned to us because no one has picked it up and we resend the package, the costs are borne by the customer.
If the name of the applicant is different from the name and shipping address of the package or invoice, you can clarify this in the "Remarks" section. If you detect an error once the payment has been made, please contact us.


Shipping rates

Spain (Balearic Islands, Peninsula, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

weightTotal price*
Up to 20 g 6,68€
More than 20 to 50 g6,78 €
More than 50 to 100 g7,30 €
More than 100 to 500 g8,70 €
More than 500 to 1,000 g11,60 €
More than 1 to 2 kg14,00 €
More than 2 to 5 kg22,35 €
More than 5 to 10 kg23,85 €
More than 10 to 15 kg32,65€
More than 15 to 20 kg39,15€

* Prices may vary depending on customs or other unusual procedures.



3-6 business days

weightTotal price
Up to 20 g8,45 €
More than 20 to 50 g8,75€
More than 50 to 100 g 9,55 €
More than 100 to 500 g13,70 €
More than 500 to 1,000 g20,01 €
More than 1,000 to 2,000 g28,00 €

For orders beyond European territory, as well as for orders over 2 kg in European territory, contact us directly (orders@varietatslocals.org).


Exchange or return policy

If upon receiving your order you can clearly see that the product has been damaged in transit, refuse to open it and return it to the delivery person. Report the problem to us immediately and we will file a claim with the Post Office, resending a new package.
If the order received is not the one you requested, you must notify us within a maximum period of 5 calendar days from its receipt (by telephone (693 066 858 / 722 782 536) or email (orders@varietatslocals.org)). Shipping costs for exchanged or returned products will be borne by the customer, and must be sent in their original packaging and in the same conditions as they were sent. Only in this way will we be able to refund or replace the affected products, once these products have been received. The refund of shipping costs is made depending on the reason for the return.



Before finalizing the purchase, the customer must read and accept the corresponding contract conditions, a document which, as its name indicates, contains the conditions that regulate the relationship between the Association of Local Varieties and the customer.
This document, once accepted, will be sent by email to the client so that he can file and consult it at any time.

The language contemplated in this document and in any legal or informative document collected on the website of the Association of Local Varieties is Catalan, in the event that the user wishes to access a document in another language, he must apply to the Association of Local Varieties through the following email address: info@varietatslocals.org, and as far as possible its translation will be provided.