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Micro patronage campaign: Tax relief

As you will have seen, from the Association of Local Varieties, we have started a micro-patronage campaign with the Triodos Foundation to acquire a seed dryer. We are already much closer to the minimum goal of €2,000. Thank you so much if you have already donated!

We are making this post to remind you that donations are subject to tax relief through a donation certificate.

And what does that mean?

Well, if you are a natural person, for donations of up to €250 you can deduct 80 % of the donation on the next income statement, and from €250, the deduction is 40 %.

In the case of a legal person, a 40 % can be deducted from the next year's Company Amount.

To give an example, if you choose the donation of €80 (with the reward seen in the image), in the case of a natural person, you will be able to deduct €64, and in the case of a legal person, €32.

To download this certificate, with the credentials created during registration, you can access at any time the "My contributions" section of your profile on the Foundation's website. In this section you can fill in the necessary data to download it. Think about doing it before December 31 this year!


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