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Selection and promotion of borratxona cabbage as a unique product of Mallorca

Today, and according to some Mallorcan producers, cabbage is a food that is being consumed less and less. In addition, in the market there are foreign varieties of cabbage that sometimes confuse the consumer who wants to buy drunken cabbage.

Promotional work is needed to make the local variety of drunken cabbage known among the population, and to re-boost the use of cabbage in gastronomy, both in recipes that have been lost, and in innovative recipes.

The main objective of the project "Selection and promotion of borratxona cabbage as a unique product of the agriculture and gastronomy of Mallorca" is the selection of different accessions of the local variety of borratxona cabbage, from Mallorca, in order to promote- the as a singular product. For this reason, a brief survey of different accessions of boraxona cabbage has been carried out and a selection through the cultivation and monitoring of the prospected accessions, in order to make a possible distinction.

The aim is to use the work done as the beginning of the process of improving the borratxona cabbage, in order to achieve an optimal variety for the market, in addition to promoting the borratxona cabbage between the Mallorcan producer and consumer market.

The realization of the project will also make it possible to know a little more about the existing variability of borratxona cabbage throughout Mallorca, if this is the case, in order to spread the word and be able to improve the current agricultural biodiversity. In addition, with the promotion of this variety among the population, it is expected to increase its visibility and demand, directly benefiting the sector.

This project will serve as a starting point to be able to carry out a process of improving the cabbage, to make it more optimal for all types of producers, and so that its cultivation can be extended throughout the sector. Some of the improvements that could be achieved would be to extend the earing period, to be able to extend the production season, or to obtain earlier and well-formed cabbages.

The participative selection took place on January 30. A farmer, two cooks, four technicians and conservators took part, in addition to the Association's technicians and the internship student. There were also many informal contributions and a very fruitful exchange of information. The Cold and Hot program from IB3TV echoed it (Min 19).

This project was made possible thanks to an Applied Research Grant funded by FOGAIBA.

selection and promotion of the Borratxona cabbage as a unique product of Mallorcan agriculture and gastronomy