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The Sa Porgadora pilot project ends

This Thursday, January 13th, we held the assessment and evaluation meeting of the third campaign of porgat, where the entirety of the "Innovation for the development of new management processes and new grain cleaning practices of local varieties" project was also evaluated and ecological". We were attended by representatives of the Association of Local Varieties, of Camp Mallorquí Fruits and some of the farmers who use the grain cleaning service. Therefore, the experiment carried out for three years in order to obtain a selected grain of higher quality for the transformation into flour or for resowing, arising from a historical demand of the agricultural sector to create a cleaning center of organic grain and local varieties. But Sa Porgadora does not stop there, and yesterday it was possible to debate about its continuity and about the different proposals for improvement and for the future, in order to continue offering this service to all the farmers who need it, and in order to improve it more and more.

This last porgat campaign ended with a total of 232 tons of porgat grain. Although it has fallen short of the objective to be achieved, this value represents a great evolution compared to previous years, assuming about 15 times more the volume sold before the start of the pilot project, and the maximum sold of these three years of project. In addition, more and more organic grain has been planted, and the three most planted varieties are local varieties: Xeixa wheat, Majorcan barley and Majorcan favo.

This project has been financed through aid for pilot projects and support for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies for the years 2016-2020, by the Agricultural and Fisheries Guarantee Fund of the Balearic Islands (FOGAIBA).

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January 14, 2021