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Recipes with local varieties: sweet cherry cake bord des marge

Recipes with local varieties: Sweet coke of cherries bord des marge

Spring is cherry time, and thanks to the work of Toni Calafell, many local varieties are preserved that we can enjoy both fresh and in jams, or as, for example, with the recipe they have prepared in The Exquisite Binissalem.

With cherries of the bord des marge variety that we brought to him from the estate of Can Monserrat, in Estellencs, the pastry chef Xavier Font prepares us a delicious sweet cake with cherries, to lick your fingers!

This year we continue to connect farmers producing local varieties with Mallorcan chefs so that they can show us how to prepare an original recipe with the vegetables and legumes of local varieties that we send them.
These videos have been made possible thanks to the work of Marc Alcover Riera and the funding of the project "Promoting the prospecting, multiplication, conservation and exchange of the phytogenetic resources of Mallorca and their registration in the catalog of local varieties of the Balearic Islands " from #feimfeinapdr #fogaiba #feimfeinaambtu #feimfeinapertu

You can find them published on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), also at our youtube channel and to web recipe

June 1, 2022