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Recipes with local varieties: pickled ramellet tomato with white onion and lampuga

Recipes with local varieties: Pickled tomato with white onion and lampuga (Maria Solivellas – Ca na Toneta)

It's time to start planting tomato plants, and thanks to their extraordinary post-harvest preservation, we can still eat last year's tomatoes in the dead of winter. Na Maria Solivellas from Ca na Toneta knows them very well, and with her we start our series of "Recipes with local varieties."

To celebrate the 20 years of the Association of Local Varieties we have connected farmers producing local varieties with cooks from Mallorca so that they can show us how to prepare an original recipe with the vegetables and legumes of local varieties that we send them.

In this case, we gave Na Maria the ramellet tomatoes from Rafel Figuera de Sa Volta, of two varieties: Mateta and Maria. And from Toni Feliu de So na Jaume Nou we give him Mallorcan white onions. Pay attention to this delicious recipe for pickled tomatoes with white onions and lightning!

This is the first of a series of five videos that we will be publishing during this year 2022. Stay tuned and stay tuned for the next videos! You can find them published on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), also at our youtube channel and to web recipe

These videos have been made possible thanks to the work of Marc Alcover Riera and the funding of the project "Promoting the prospecting, multiplication, conservation and exchange of the phytogenetic resources of Mallorca and their registration in the catalog of local varieties of the Balearic Islands " from #feimfeinapdr #fogaiba #feimfeinaambtu #feimfeinapertu

February 4, 2022