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Pilot project: a hallmark for Mallorca's local varieties

More and more people are getting to know local varieties, rediscovering the flavors and textures that we strive to recover and preserve. One of the main objectives of the Association is to facilitate their identification as products that take into account the tradition and living heritage that these crops entail. With this aim in mind, we applied for and were granted a pilot project to study the development of a label to mark those fresh products or those made with local varieties, the participating crops of which we are now following the traceability.

For its development we have been able to base ourselves on previous works such as that of Maria Massanet (which can be consulted here) and with experiences of other entities such as the success case of ProSpecieRara , a Swiss foundation that works for the conservation and recovery of native breeds and varieties, and that for almost 20 years has been issuing its own stamp that identifies a large number of products as local varieties.

Last April, during the Porreres cultivated biodiversity fair, we were able to count on the presence of Béla Bartha, director of the entity, who explained to us all the internal workings of this badge. Thank you so much!

August 19, 2022