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20 years of Local Varieties: memory of the anniversary


We are still recovering from the excitement of last Saturday, and we just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE for coming, for believing in local varieties and for supporting the Association over all these years. An evening of reunions, tributes, emotions, good food and good wine, and above all a lot of love for our living heritage.

During the celebration, we were able to recognize the people involved with the Association during these 20 years, from founding members to volunteers, through multipliers, grafters and AVL workers, and we presented them with several gifts, such as personalized siurellos from Ca Mado Bet Dels Siurells, aromatic bouquets of We love you, cookies made with local varieties of Bread Luke and original lithographs of na Nívola Uyá , who also designed the print of the Association's t-shirts that they have made a Stay away.

We also revealed the winners of the baskets! The lucky five are already enjoying the variety of local products, from sheixa flour to wine, spices, jams, fresh produce and plants.

Many thanks especially to Monserrat Pons for providing such a fantastic space They're Dumb New, to the cooks Marga Coll de Mycelium, Cati Fiol of The Exquisite Binissalem, Caty Pieras of daica , Cati Pons of The Square Stoves and Maria Solivellas of Ca na Toneta for the exquisite tapas with local varieties; at the Fornet de La Soca, Restaurant Es Ginebro i It is Garrover de Mallorca for the sweet, and also to everyone who contributed delicious products for the celebration Agromart, Can Majoral, Old Man, Can Axartell, Es Pinaró de ses Monges, Finca Sa Teulera, Cheese shop Son Jover, His Farm House, We love you · Organic infusions and teas, Porreres Agricultural Cooperative, Crespí Spices, Sat Nicolau Ornamental Planters, Rafal Genàs, Pons Bakery

Many thanks also to the glossators of Menorca Word Strain and to Glosadors of Mallorca to enliven the end of the evening with his art.

Cheers to another 20 years!

Pictures: Miquel Ángel Cañellas

July 5, 2022