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Disclosure videos. Chapter 07: Culture

Chapter 07: Culture

Today we present the seventh video about our organization's seed multiplication project. Local varieties have very important associated knowledge and culture, which need to be conserved as much as the plant genetic material, and which are covered in this video.

This is part of a total of 11 thematic videos, which we will publish every Friday. Some of the topics we wanted to discuss are the figure of the seed multiplier, the process of making seeds, the culture behind this work, some varieties lost over time, how we see the future of this work, enter others .

Stay tuned and stay tuned for the next videos! You can find them, published every Friday, on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and also on our youtube channel.

The songs in this video have been given to us by Joana Gomila. These videos have been made thanks to the work of Marc Alcover Riera and the help of #feimfeinapdr #fogaiba #feimfeinaambtu #feimfeinapertu

We hope you enjoy them!

April 9, 2021