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Training trips 2023: memory of the experience

In recent weeks, two training trips have been made thanks to funding from FOGAIBA for the help requested "Activities to demonstrate experiences and processes to improve the conservation and production of the agrobiodiversity of the Balearic Islands"

The first was in the Valencian Country, where different experiences were visited on plant material sanitation techniques and experiences of fruit growers and seeds of local varieties. It was three intense days!

On the first day we visited the COMAV, Valencian agrobiodiversity conservation center of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and the nursery Hernandorena. On the second day we will visit the Carcaixent Agricultural Experimental Station, with its seed bank and collection of citrus fruits. In addition, we stopped at the IVIA from Montacada, where we learned about the citrus sanitization technique, unique in all of Europe; to end the day we will visit the seed bank and the different collections of subtropical fruit trees that they have at the experimental agricultural station in Vila-real. On the third and final day we visited the experience of Connect Nature, its arboretum in the Serra d'Espadà and the fruit tree multiplication farm of local varieties in Castelló.

The second trip was to France, mainly to the south-west regions of the country, where the companies and entities for the multiplication and commercialization of organic seeds and local varieties such as the ones we visited are located: Essem'Bio, Le Biau Germe and Graines del Païs, all three very powerful projects and from which we have a lot to learn!

Essem'Bio is a company for the selection, multiplication, classification, batch approval, packaging and marketing of organic vegetable seeds. With 38 hectares of land certified for organic production and 25 years of experience in the multiplication of organic vegetable seeds.

Le Biau Germe is a cooperative of organic seed producers and marketers of vegetable, aromatic, flower and green manure varieties, all of which are non-hybrid.

Finally, Seeds of the Country is a grouping of about twenty farmers who select, multiply and market seeds of "population varieties", of free reproduction and adapted to organic farming.

They have been two very enriching trips both for our organization and for the partners who are part of it and attended each of them. Many thanks to all the people and organizations that welcomed us and from whom we were able to learn and exchange knowledge!

June 14, 2023