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Training trip: Experiences of seed multiplication of local and traditional varieties

Thanks to the help for FOGAIBA's information and demonstration activities, we are organizing a training trip to visit experiences to improve the production and conservation process of plant material (trees, cuttings, seeds...) involved in the Balearic agricultural sector , and more specifically what relates to local or traditional varieties. Here you can download all the travel information.

If you want to participate in the trip you must fill out this form. Once the applications have been received, a selection of participants will be made based on your profile and concerns regarding the trip in question, as there are only 18 places available.

Afterwards, and only if you have been selected, you will have to pay the final price (approximately €60) per person in order to formalize the registration.

It is IMPORTANT that you make sure that the personal data are the same as those that appear on your DNI in order not to have any panic with the tickets.

The form will close on Thursday, April 20 at 2 p.m.

April 18, 2023