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The big day has arrived, today we are 20 years old!

The big day has arrived, TODAY WE ARE 20 YEARS OLD!

On June 17, 2002, the "Association for the promotion of the conservation and production of native and traditional plants of the Balearic Islands", which you all know as the Association of Local Varieties, was formally established.

And what better way to celebrate than by announcing that we had set out to reach 220 members and we just passed them on the day we celebrate two decades of history!! Many thanks to everyone who made it possible, we hope to be able to celebrate with you very soon!

And with that, today we want to share a very special video with you. Last year we organized a meeting with Aina Calafat, Toni Feliu and Joan Coll, three of the founding partners of the Association, so that they could exchange stories about the beginnings of the organization and how it has evolved in recent years. Beginnings, anecdotes and future.

In this sense, this year we have been uploading some videos like this on networks and on our YouTube channel, as a taste of what will be a collection of the testimonies of the people involved in the organization since its foundation, and of those people for whom the association has had an impact on their life. You can see the different flavors of what will be the video "20 years spreading seeds" here.

And remember that today is the last day for sign up for the birthday party and for become partners if you want to participate in the basket draw. You can download it here the poster of the event.

June 17, 2022