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Second year of the sweet garlic oak nursery and collections

After the success of the start of the sweet oak nursery during the 2022 campaign, this year we continued the task of grafting sweet oaks onto one-year-old saplings. This winter we grafted 900 oak trees!

Last week we moved them to Menut forest nursery , in Escorca, where they will spend the summer in order to avoid the high temperatures in the greenhouse where they have been these months after being grafted.

In the same way as last year, this second campaign did not have any type of financing, and we were able to carry it out from the organization's own resources and thanks to the selfless help of all the people volunteers who have helped us with the tasks at the nursery.

In addition, and with nearly 300 sweet oaks resulting from the first year, 3 living collections of sweet oak have been made: in Can Pistola (Felanitx), managed by a member of our organization; to the UIB, in gratitude for its collaboration in the project; and a last one in the Galatzó public estate.

With this year's resulting oaks, a new collection will also be made at the Mortitx public farm, in gratitude for their collaboration in the project. The remaining oaks will be distributed among the partners interested in the project.

June 13, 2023