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Surprise pack. A seed for each season

18,00 VAT included

Surprise pack A seed for each season.

The surprise pack of local varieties is composed of 4 tubes that include organic seeds of local varieties from each season.

It is a Bri de palla seedtube pack: https://www.bridepalla.com/seedpack-tube

The seeds are organic and of local varieties made by the multipliers of our entity. The idea is not to put the name of the variety, so they will have to discover which plant it is throughout its growth. This is an interesting material to have one more resource in the classrooms to be able to have a greater interest in learning more about the world of plants that feed us. And so be able to work on other topics related to plants and food.

The varieties available are purple carrot, Mallorcan parsley, Inca lettuce and donkey's ear cauliflower. One for each season.

Members of the organization can get the shirt at a reduced price of €15. If you are a member/ai and want to benefit from this, contact us directly via commendes@varietatslocals.org / 693 066 858 / 722 782 536

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Donate to the seed multiplication project

This is the heart of the association's project and aims to raise awareness of local varieties and encourage their consumption.