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Red Perpetual

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How is it?

The Perpetual Red is an ornamental plant, used as a pollinator attractor in the summer garden. It forms a bush that can reach 1 m in height and 1 m in width. Small and elongated leaf, and the flower is very abundant and in the form of a red ball.

When and how is it sown?

It is sown in March to be transplanted in April and May, and flowering is from June to November. The sowing distance is 50 cm between plants.

How much seed is in the envelope?

Envelope weight: 0.6 g. Approximately 100 units of Red Perpetual Seeds.

Durant quant de temps es podrà sembrar aquesta llavor?

Seed viability: 2 years

Nom científic: Gomphrena globosa - Phytogenetic resource

Origin: Ca na Justa, Porreres, Mallorca.

We also have seed in bulk, for orders: commendes@varietatslocals.org / 722 782 536 / 693 066 858

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