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Seed collection, 3 varieties

15,00 VAT included

Collection perfect for gifting, including:

  • 3 sachets of seeds of local varieties*
  • 1 seed catalog 2022
  • 2 postcards of local varieties
  • 1 plate of local varieties
  • 1 magnet of local varieties

*You can choose between the following types of collections:

  • Harvest to make trempón: Mallorcan white onion, red pepper and tomato (salad variety)
  • Legume collection: 3 local varieties of legumes
  • Picking melons and watermelons: 3 local varieties of melons and watermelons
  • Tomato picking: 3 local varieties of tomatoes
  • Collection of local varieties: 3 surprise local varieties or your choice

When placing the order, you must write in the comments which collection you want to receive.

Donate to the seed multiplication project

This is the heart of the association's project and aims to raise awareness of local varieties and encourage their consumption.