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Mallorcan horse bean

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The Mallorcan horse bean it is a small, whitish fava bean, intended for animal consumption, whole or in flour, but it is also very good for human consumption (both dry, as a fava parada, and tender). It also makes green manure and is good as a rotational crop.

It's possible sow between September and November, to harvest in July and August. For green fertilizer it is incorporated in full bloom (April-May). Sowing is direct at a depth of about 2-3 cm and a distance between plants of 10-15 cm and 25-30 cm between rows.

envelope weight: 1,000 g. Approximately 1,940 units.

Seed viability: 4-10 years. They exceed 4 years if stored with low humidity and constant temperature.

Vicia faba sp. equine – Registered variety

Origin: Sa Bastida, Porreres, Mallorca.

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