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Black broad bean

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How is it?

The Black broad bean, as its name says, is a black bean very suitable for consumption green, as it is very easy to cook. Indicated by the fertilizer in green.

When and how is it sown?

It's possible sow between late October and early January. Sowing is direct at a depth of about 10 cm and one distance between plants of about 20-25 cm.

How much seed is in the envelope?

envelope weight: 300 g. Approximately 230 units.

How long can this seed be sown?

Seed viability: 4-10 years. They exceed 4 years if stored with low humidity and constant temperature.

Vicia faba - Phytogenetic resource

Origin: Es Maiol, Artà, Mallorca.

We also have seed in bulk, for orders: commendes@varietatslocals.org / 623 250 278 / 693 066 858


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