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Bag of wheat from local Mallorcan varieties

5,00 VAT included

The "Bag of wheat from local Mallorcan varieties” is an organic cotton bag made in Galicia.


The illustrations are by Pau Oliver and have been modeled by the illustrator Nívola Uyà. In the illustration there are six varieties of blas from local varieties of Mallorca. But there is more.

  • These varieties are more or less present in the estates of Mallorca. Of the six illustrated varieties, the one with the greatest representation is the sheixa. The rest are still at risk of genetic erosion.
  • The six varieties selected are: Cheixa, Barba, Mort, Valencian, Mollar and German.

If you want to support the project to recover local varieties of cereals in Mallorca, buy this bag.

Material included in the multiplication project of local varieties of wheat.



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This is the heart of the association's project and aims to raise awareness of local varieties and encourage their consumption.