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Micro patronage campaign: Rewards

When we started the micro patronage campaign we could not imagine the reception it has had. We couldn't be more grateful for the many donations we've received, but now that we're here we'd really like to get as close as possible to the optimum of €10,624, and thus cover the shipping and installation costs of the seed dryer, in addition to adapting the new "seed laboratory".

In the previous post we talked about tax relief. If you're still reconsidering whether or not it's worth donating, today we're giving you another reason: the rewards.

Apart from the support you give us with the donation and the possibility of deducting up to 80 % of this in the next income statement, we present the rewards we offer according to the donation made:

  • €5 – we thank you for your contribution
  • €10 – 1 envelope of organic and local variety seeds
  • €20 – one surprise lot of a seed for each season
  • €25 – a 5% discount voucher on our website, and an envelope of organic and local variety seeds
  • €30 – a gift set with 2 seed envelopes, a postcard of local varieties, our 2024 seed catalog and a hair band with a print of local varieties
  • €45 – you will be our member for a year!
  • €50 – a t-shirt with a print of local varieties
  • €80 – a premium lot with 3 sachets of seeds, a printed cloth bag of sweet garlic or local varietal cereals, and a bottle of organic and local varietal wine
  • €100 – the book Les figueres a les Illes Baleares, by our founding partner Montserrat Pons i Boscana
  • €150 – one night at the Artiem Hotels in Madrid, Menorca or Asturias
  • €200 – one night at Agroturisme de Perola, in Mallorca
  • €250 – a batch of products of local varieties from Mallorca, with wheat flour, a pack of T'estiu d'Estel de Llevant infusions, a jar of local and organic cherry jam, a cloth bag, 2 seed packets and the 2024 seed catalog
  • €280 – two nights at the Artiem Hotels
  • €500 – your logo with us, and a 20% discount voucher on our website

If you want to collaborate, visit our campaign on the Triodos Foundation platform!