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Manifesto alimares 2021: we are all resistant and we are all fighters

Today we light a candle for Human Rights, joining the lighting of towers, watchtowers and watchtowers in the Mediterranean.

Manifesto Alimares MMXXI: We are all resistant and we are all fighters

Biel Mosque

Today, the 16th of January MMXXI, the defense towers, watchtowers and watchtowers of Mallorca will be filled with alimares, alimares, these
bonfires that serve to signal direction, danger, joy or celebration with a beautiful name that comes from the Arabic: al-imara, which means
signal And with the ruddy flames of these bonfires and with the wisps of smoke that surround them, all the people of the earth, the sky and the sea will be able to know that many groups of resistant and fighting humans sing songs filled with words for rights humans, for the rights of the planet, for the rights of life, for the rights of culture and for the rights of freedom.

With this manifesto of warm and burning words, we would like to make the freezing cold of these violent and cruel times disappear, with a
last year bleak due to a new murderous viral pandemic that joins so many old exploitative inhumane pandemics,
dictatorial, warlike, racist and destructive of living beings and planet Earth.

We would like this manifesto to be soaked in tender, fragile, musical, balsamic and consoling words from so much pain, sadness and
mortality that all these pandemics cause us to live poorly, lose life and die. We would like this manifesto to sing very loudly that we want a world that is more fraternal, more supportive and more sensitive (aren't we afraid of that, we are all brothers?), a world that is kinder and more generous (aren't we afraid of that, that are kindness and giving the most life-giving vaccines?), a world that is more creative (we are not afraid, that only creativity can transform the desert into an oasis, illness into health, melancholy into happiness, destruction into construction and solitude in company?), a world that is fairer and freer (are we not afraid of that, that only justice and freedom are the necessary conditions for the harmonious development of humans?), a world that is more hospitable ( we are not afraid of it, that the refugees and homeless people, that the evicted and persecuted people, that the people fleeing from poverty, from hunger, from war, from the deepest despair - and that right here they find the grave in this Mediterranean Sea of ours— are they the greatest and most tragic migratory challenge in Europe in the 21st century? This past year 2019 alone, 11,500 immigrants were served in the Balearic Islands. And, right now, the oenagé Open Arms has just picked up 265 migrants from the sea, many of them women and small children, which no European country wants to host).

We would like this manifesto to sing about everything that is true and true for everyone: that the violence and murders against women end,
children, the elderly, those of any sexual orientation, the vulnerable of all castes and conditions, the disinherited, the abandoned, the
forgotten; to end the exploitation of humans by other humans, to end patriarchy, terrorism and dictatorships, the
racism, xenophobia and inequality.

We would like this manifesto to be a song of rebellion, this year we remember and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the revolt of the Germanies, in the
defense of the territory and the Catalan language and culture, of the right to political sovereignty, of the battle against global warming and of the vindication of the collective and well-historical memory; all together in a cohesive, fraternal, democratic society that practices the welfare of the majority with very local and at the same time universal values such as freedom, equality, sovereignty and social justice.

That's why we will all sing the spirit of resistance. The courage of imagination and the strength of conviction, which are two qualities he needs
that person who wants to be a good resister. Resist false certainties, imperative dogmas, anti-scientific denialism and fanaticism
of the dominant ideas. We have to constantly face the fundamentalism that dissolves with the salvific energy of reflection. There are a thousand and one ways to find resistance against an enemy who is legion.

We would like that in this manifesto, which is a hymn to human civilization, we end up remembering that there are Catalan independence politicians who have been in prison for their ideas for three years. And remember other politicians who are also exiled for their ideas. And our rapper singer condemned for his songs and exiled. These beloved, resistant, courageous humans and fighters for freedom, equality and fraternity cannot be imprisoned or exiled in a society that calls itself democratic and European.

May the fire from the alimares of the defense towers, watchtowers and watchtowers of Mallorca today be a symbol of resistance and combat, especially for so many
of human refugees who suffer and die in the open of any hospitality, and also to achieve a future that is more cultured, richer, more
free, more awake and happier for all.

January 16, 2021