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Conference "Diversity of the local tomato varieties of the Mediterranean basin"

This time we want to offer you a free and online conference, lasting 1 hour. This will discuss the conclusions of the doctoral thesis Phenotypic diversity and functional responses to water deficit across Mediterranean landraces of tomato. A resource to enhance crop's resilience to drought. Based on this, the great genetic resource that the local varieties of tomato represent to cope with the drought and the effects of climate change is highlighted.

"Diversity of local varieties of tomato in the Mediterranean basin: a resource to increase drought tolerance"
Date and time: Friday, May 7 from 6 to 7 p.m
Place: electronically, through the Zoom platform. All those who sign up will receive, on the same day of the activity, the link to join online.
Collaborate: University of the Balearic Islands i INAGEA.

Registration: through the link https://forms.gle/RgUzLDokQTefa4E66
More information: 722 782 536 / cursos@varietatslocals.org

Activity included in the project "Promotion of the prospecting, multiplication, conservation, use and exchange of the phytogenetic resources of Mallorca and their registration in the catalog of local varieties of the Balearic Islands". #feimfeinaPDR #feimfeinaambtu #feimfeinaperatu

April 23, 2021