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ADV Local Varieties – June 2023 crop report

A few months ago we launched the Local Varieties Plant Defense Group (ADV). This ADV has one person as a pest and disease advice technician and 14 partners, with a total of more than 200 ha of which more than 90% are organic.

The purpose of our ADV is to provide advice to protect the crops of our organic seed multiplier partners and local varieties in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and to work with the administration to fight collaboratively lective against harmful plant agents.

The ADV Varietats Locals focuses on horticultural crops, legumes and cereals. The rains of this last month have generated a particularly humid climate with warm temperatures that have facilitated the spread of fungi such as mildew. Many of our partners have had to do organic fungicide treatments on most summer horticultural crops. In the case of extensive crops, these have been under the worried gaze of farmers. There have also been areas where it has rained repeatedly and has not allowed us to do the appropriate soil work, or we have even found fruits such as tomato plants with wounds from the witch hazel.

Now we are in a delicate moment, as we begin to collect seeds from winter crops and at the same time most of the summer crops have already begun to develop. We have already harvested most of the cabbages and cauliflowers and are waiting for the plants to dry before picking and saving their seed; other horticultural crops such as onions, lettuce, spinach, parsley... are also finishing their seed ripening. Snapping and boiling peas are also being harvested. There is not much time left for the harvesting of broad beans, fava beans and oats, as well as Mallorcan barley and currants.

June 23, 2023