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Spring: what can we sow and what is in season?

We are already in the second week of spring!

White eggplant, three-eyed lettuce, Valldemossa tomato, fei melon, small pumpkin, painted bean... The next few weeks are very important for planting and transplanting vegetables, do you know which ones you can start planting?

Here we show you some of the local varieties that you can introduce in your gardens. You will find many more in ours catalog and the online store

And to harvest? What are the seasonal products? We still have time to harvest cabbages and cauliflowers, and during the next few weeks we will be able to continue harvesting lettuce, green beans, green beans and a little later peas and tender onions. Lots of green for our dishes!!

Thanks to na Teresa Reynes by design!

March 30, 2022