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"De Muro" Maize

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How is it?

The Maize de Muro is suitable for animal and human consumption, whole or in flour; if picked very tender it can be eaten raw or cooked. Large cobs and medium seed. Within the same variety, two types of grain can be differentiated according to the color, more yellow or more reddish, this one in particular is the result of a selection of red seeds. The plant can reach 2 m, and it is made of thick cane.

When and how is it sown?

You can do the direct sowing from April and June, to harvest when the plant begins to dry or earlier if you want to consume it raw. The sowing distance is about 30-50 cm between plants and 80 cm between rows.

How much seed is in the envelope?

envelope weight: 14.2 g. Approximately 60 units.

Durant quant de temps es podrà sembrar aquesta llavor?

Seed viability: 3-10 years

Zea mays L. – Phytogenetic resource

Origin: Muro, Mallorca

We also have seed in bulk, for orders: commendesvarietatslocals@gmail.com / 623 250 278 / 693 066 858


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