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Sponge gourd

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How is it?

The Sponge gourd it is a climbing plant and it is recommended to wire it. It is harvested when the fruit is very dry, to be able to remove the skin easily. The inner fiber is what is used as a scouring pad or sponge.

When and how is it sown?

We recommend doing direct sowing or seedling from mid-April. Harvesting takes place at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The sowing distance is 1 m between plants and 2 m between rows.

How much seed is in the envelope?

Envelope weight: 2 g. Approximately 18 units.

Cylindrical loofah - Phytogenetic resource

Origin: Ses Pedreres, Manacor, Mallorca

We also have seed in bulk, for orders: commendesvarietatslocals@gmail.com / 623 250 278 / 693 066 858

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