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Purple Perpetual

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The Purple Perpetual is an ornamental plant, used as a pollinator attractor in the summer garden. It forms a bush that can reach 1 m in height and 1 m in width. With small and elongated leaves, and the flower is very abundant and in the shape of a purple ball.

Yes sow in March to transplant in April and May, and flowering is from June to November. The sowing distance is 50 cm between plants.

envelope weight: 0.6 g. Approximately 100 units. We also have seed in bulk, for orders: commende@varietatslocals.org / 722 782 536 / 693 066 858

Seed viability: 2 years

Gomphrena globosa - Phytogenetic resource

Origin: Ca na Justa, Porreres, Mallorca.

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