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"Fei" melon

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How is it?

The "Fei" melon it is a long, dark green and big melon. With a loose texture as it ripens, and yellow and greenish pulp. Sweet, very sugary. It has medium preservation post-harvest; it can be eaten until October-November.

When and how is it sown?

Yes sowing from the end of April to May, and is harvested from August to October. The sowing distance is 50-80 cm between plants, and 1 m between rows. If it is done in the dry season, it is advisable to leave about 1.8 m between rows.

How much seed is in the envelope?

envelope weight: 3.5 g. Approximately 55 units

How long can this seed be sown?

Seed viability: 4-5 years

Cucumis melo - Phytogenetic resource

Origin: Son Macià, Manacor, Mallorca

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