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Mallorcan bean and special winter seed offers

Now is the time to make seedlings and sow most of the winter varieties, and of some of these we have enough seed stock to be able to sell wholesale.

Remember that we have Mallorcan beans available, both in 1 kg bags and wholesale. It has typically been used for animal consumption, but it also works great as a green manure and rotation crop, and for human consumption! Both dry to make bean paste, and tender.

In addition, we have offered different winter varieties for wholesale purchases. These discounts range from 10% to 60% over the original price per gram. Here you can find all these discounts and original prices. The price table per gram does not include the applied discount, and remember that if you are members of the organization you have, in addition to the general offer, an additional 5% discount.

The seeds are from different years and all have between 70 and 100% germination checked earlier this summer.

What are you waiting for to take advantage of these discounts!?
You can order or ask for more information by e-mail or phone

August 26, 2022