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Vegetable seed extraction days of local varieties

We keep making seeds! And that's why we've organized volunteer days for all those people who want to come and help us. Then we can taste some tomato varieties, and you can take the leftovers with you, so don't forget to bring containers.

"Vegetable seed extraction days of local varieties"
Date and time: Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 August, from 4 pm to 8 pm
Place: Viver Bio Estel de Llevant (Path of Son Talent. Manacor)
Collaborate: Viver Bio Estel de Levant

Recommended safety measures must be followed. For this reason, we will provide hydroalcoholic gel to clean our hands, and it is necessary that you wear a mask during the days.

For more information and registration: cursos@varietatslocals.org or phone 722 782 536

Day included in the project "Promotion of the prospecting, multiplication, conservation, use and exchange of the phytogenetic resources of Mallorca and their registration in the catalog of local varieties of the Balearic Islands". #feimfeinaPDR #feimfeinaambtu #feimfeinaperatu