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New! Get the 2021 calendar of local varieties

More than a calendar

As a novelty, this year we have published a calendar for the year 2021, where we can introduce and make visible some of the local varieties of Mallorca.

In this calendar you'll find inspiration for planting a local variety each month. In this way, each month's photo is of the seed or place where the seed (flower, bajoca...) of a local variety can be sown that month.
You will also find information about each variety and its sowing and consumption dates.
In addition, sayings, bibliographical and culinary information are included.
Each variety is associated with a recipe that you can find on our website.

The calendar can be purchased through our online store at €10.
Members of the organization can get the calendar at a reduced price of €8. If you are a member and want to benefit from this, contact us directly via commendes@varietatslocals.org / 693 066 858 / 722 782 536

October 20, 2020